Sunday, 24 May 2009

Ride Out Once More

An absence of several weeks has now come to an end, and business as usual shall be commenced. Well, not quite as usual. Oh, I have not been idle these past weeks, oh no. I have used it as an opportunity to improve myself. Currently residing in my head is the prerequisite knowledge needed to operate advanced weapon turrets for my favourite frigates. Tech 2 weapons are now open to me, making me more deadly than ever. Not only this, but I now have a more thorough understanding of my ships mechanical systems, allowing me fit my ship out much more efficiently. So, hopefully, a flurry of kills should follow, allowing me complete the final stage of my Tuskers application and become a fully fledged member instead of just a hanger on.

Perhaps even better news is that I have eventually managed to locate and re-establish communications with Kera. I am expecting a shipment of ships and equipment any day now. When it arrives I'll be able to hop into a more powerful ship, and tear up some hapless pilots. As my good friend Caster Rom would say; The bitch is back.

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