Sunday, 23 May 2010

Cheap but Effective

Here is some footage from the exterior camera drone on my Scorpion battleship. I think it demonstrates quite nicely just how effective a cheap fit ship can be. After the insurance payout I lose only about 10million ISK. I jumped into a small camp consisting of a Vagabond and a Thrasher, but it quickly escalated out of control forcing me to deaggro and jump back through. The tank takes a severe amount of punishment from quite a few high DPS ships, and lasts long enough to get me back through without even a scratch on my armour. I will follow this up with a longer post regarding these sorts of setups and the reasoning behind them.

I apologise for the shoddy quality of the video, the camera drone is a bit knackered. If you can't quite make it out once the gang arrived thier was a total of seven ships wailing on me. They were: Hurricane, Hurricane, Cyclone, Vagabond, Rupture, Thrasher, and a Falcon. The heroic Scorp defended against that formidable amount of dps long enough for me to deaggro and jump.

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